Compensating wage differentials economics homework help

2. With the recent wave of technological advances in information and telecommunications, the nature of jobs and thus methods of compensation, are being altered. Think of a job that has been significantly restructured because of the new technology and explain the nature of the restructuring by answering the following:

a. What impact would you predict the new technology is having on wages in the occupation and on compensating wage differentials for risk of injury or death on the job?

b. To what extent are the old occupational hazards of the past being replaced by new occupational hazards (e.g., stress, multi-tasking, overwork, or employment insecurity).

c. Are there policy implications for governments, employers and unions to protect workers against such hazards? Explain. [Note: see McConnell, Brue and Macpherson, pp. 405-413 for information on OSHA]

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