Clinical Case Presentation (PowerPoint 12 SLIDES)

Topic: UTIs Urinary Tract infections.Case presentation.PowerPoint: 12 slides INCLUDING TITLE AND REFERENCES.APA STYLE.Clinical Standard of Practice PresentationStudents are expected to expand their use of resources for evidence-based practice beyond the required text and explore nursing and related literature to improve their understanding and application of advanced interventions.The focus of the presentation must reflect current treatment recommendations from accepted professional organizations.Presentations will be evaluated related to the criteria listed. Presentations must be no less than 8 or more than twelve slides in a PowerPoint format with a Reference List in APA formatCriteria Points1 Presents the case including CC, HPI, Hx, ROS, and PE findings concisely2 List possible differential diagnosis with supporting/excluding criteria. 103 -What labs or tests are typically ordered concerning this condition?4- What results should the Does NP expect to see with this diagnosis?5 What medications are typically prescribed for this condition? List specific drugs, starting doses, dose ranges, precautions to keep in mind when prescribing these drugs.6-What are the outcomes expected or unexpected for this specific condition?  Moreover, What patient outcomes will trigger a referral?7- Provide patient teaching materials specific to their condition.

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