client profile jack age gender height weight body fat 67 male 71 inches 251 pounds 36 jack is v

Client Profile: Jack

Age Gender Height Weight Body Fat %
67 Male 71 inches 251 pounds 36%

Jack is visually impaired, but not completely blind. In your answer discuss the special considerations you will have to make for this client. Jack has been chronically obese for most of his life. Research chronic obesity and describe a training program that you feel will help Jack reduce his body fat percentage to a safer and healthier level. Jack already walks 15 minutes every day and has general knowledge of weight training. In your answer state the number of days per week you will train this client, the types of exercises he will be performing, the number of sets & repetitions and any other activities you utilize. Include citations of the research you based your recommendations on and explain why you feel this will be the best course of action to take with this client.

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