assignments 2 1

1# Write a paragraph (250 Words Minimum) detailing the following as it relates to your ad:

·Identify a NON-Profit Organization to advertise. Be clear about why you selected the organization.

·Identify the target market; explain it

·Identify one competitors and what makes the organization important and different from competitors

·Determine the purpose of your ad (the objective) and what you are trying to communicate

·Explain where you will advertise; what IMC platforms you will use

·Determine a budget to run the ad via the IMC platforms; and what you will be able to do within your budget

#2 Design the AD; it should be (8 ½ X 11) and in color

Keep the following in mind:

·Be mindful that you want to create an emotional response from viewers!

·You want to be different from competitors; find a way to separate your ad from theirs

·Be sure to use key words that have relevancy

·Have a call to action with your ad

·Get to the point

·Check spelling and grammar

·Make your display ad compelling!

·Keep the ad concise and impactful

·NOTE: You are ONLY allowed to use a maximum of 25 Characters in the Title

·NOTE: You are ONLY allowed to use a maximum of 35 words in each line of text.

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