Assignment 7

1. Harold is seen in the office. He has a history of congestive heart failure and is concerned that he is gaining a lot of weight. You determine that he weighs 185 lb. When he asks you how much weight he has gained since his last checkup the previous month, you check the chart and find that he weighed 79 kg. What will you tell him?2. Sally brings her 3-month-old baby to the clinic because of a fever and possible ear infection. You find that the infant weighs 13 lb, 4 oz. The physician writes an order for you to give a dose of antibiotics based on the infant’s weight in kilograms. Before you give the medication, you must convert the child’s weight to kilograms. How will you do this, and what is her weight in kilograms?3.  Please discuss the importance of measurement systems as it relates to the management of the patient. Should it be a required course for all healthcare providers of for physicians and nurses only. Please explain why.

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