assignment 264

Research/Critical Thinking/Short Essay

Describe the project planning, scheduling and estimation process from both a plan-driven “waterfall” approach and from an agile SCRUM based approach. Compare and contrast the approaches and the kinds of software development efforts they are most suitable for. This analysis should incorporate the additional insights learned in Chapters 22 and 23, as well as the Planning Poker video.

Your analysis should be at least 600 but not more than 700 words.

Post an original thread of 300 to 550 words each in this week’s discussion forum based on the following assignments. (20 points)

Explain why keeping all members of a group informed about progress and technical decisions in a project can improve group cohesiveness.

Explain why the process of project planning is iterative and why a plan must be continually reviewed during a software development project.

Chapter 22 Exercise 22.4 – Page 616

22.4 – In addition to the risks shown in in Figure 22.1, identify at least six other possible risks that could arise in software projects.

Chapter 23 Exercise 23.6 – Page 648

23.6 – Figure 23.14 shows the task duration for software project activities. Assume that a serious, unanticipated setback occurs, and instead of taking 10 days, task T5 takes 40 days. Draw up new bar charts showing how the project might be reorganized.

Please No Plagiarism and make sure all the Answers must be in APA format.

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