academic achievements

Respond to your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current least 2 references in each peer responses! 

Creating a professional portfolio will assist with career planning in so many ways. It is always a way to add value to the efforts I have placed on lifelong learning. Some of the information to be included in a portfolio include references, academic achievements, continuing education information, and personal values (Thompson, 2011, p. 169).  I would also want to include letters of recommendation, awards, and future career goals. I have not ever created an actual portfolio.  Still, my resume has been fine-tuned over the years, and I mention the majority of the information included in a professional portfolio.  After reading the Thompson article, I am excited to create an e-portfolio. The digital portfolio is much easier to keep updated and to share with others online (Thompson, 2011).

I created an Indeed portfolio several years ago and will update this occasionally. I see the importance of showcasing my accomplishments after further review of the module 5 resources. Networking in the digital age is incredibly important for professional growth (Hannans & Olivo, 2017, p. 49).  Another fantastic aspect of the professional portfolios is the ability to improve the chance for hire, keeping the interview focused and efficient, as well as open the floor for me to discuss all of the staff development ideas I have (Smith, 2011).  I have created staff training procedures, protocols, policy and procedure training, as well as my very own medication administration system for boarding schools. The portfolio would be the perfect place for me to showcase this and then assist in the delivery of information during the interview.

I did some more research as I was trying to find what an employer may want to see specifically regarding education. Transcripts have never been a topic of discussion during an interview. Interestingly, I found an article that states transcripts are an exceptional way to showcase my accomplishments as well as highlight the program details (Bellingham Technical College [BTC], n.d.).  I am excited to see how my professional portfolio develops throughout the next few years.

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