about 200 words in total

About 200 words in total

Q3 For questions 3-9, first, view the following video:

Then, answer the following questions. It may be useful to review the questions before you begin the video.

Briefly (in two or three sentences, 20-30 words) summarize the argument presented in the video

Q4. Can you identify an argument by analogy in the video? What are the two things being compared? What are the properties that the two things have in common?

Q5 What is the narrator/author’s main purpose for writing?

Q6 What is the narrator/author’s main point?

Q7 Can you identify any fallacies in the reasoning of the narrator/author?

Q8 Are there any unstated, or implicit assumptions or premises in the argument presented in the video?

Q9 Give a brief (one or two paragraphs, 100-150 words) analysis of the argument presented in the video. Do you think it is a good or persuasive argument? Why?

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